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Ontario Fat Bike Festival
p/b Fat Bikes Canada

Saturday, February 17, 2024 - Mansfield Outdoor Centre

alternate weather date: activated!

Ditch the trainer and enjoy an amazing winter day outdoors.

Race or ride. Plus: chili, hot chocolate, bonfire AND prizes by Fat Bikes Canada. 


Fun for everyone!


Choose from:

  • Fat Bike race - 10k or 20k

  • ​Poker Run* fun ride

*What's a "Poker Run," you ask?

Answer: Follow a marked course and collect playing cards along the way. At the end, whoever has the best poker hand wins a prize!​

It's not a race -- whether you're a sprinter or an ambler, winning comes down to luck of the draw.

fat bike 1.jpeg
fat bike 3_edited.jpg



Registration / sign-in is open


Fat bike races starts


Poker run starts


Podium, followed by epic draw prizes from Fat Bikes Canada!

Post-Race/Ride/ Snowshoe Activities

All included with your registration:​

  • Tasty chili

  • Hot chocolate

  • Hanging out by a bonfire

Registration Information

November 22 - December 15

20 years old and up : $55   Under 20 years old : $40


December 16 - January 27

20 years old and up : $65  Under 20 years old : $50


January 28 - February 17

20 years old and up : $75  Under 20 years old : $55

What do you get?

  • Chili and hot chocolate included with registration 

  • Groomed and fun course with lots of fun features

  • "Over-marked" course so you can enjoy the day without worrying about getting lost

  • Inclusive and encouraging vibe

  • Wicked draw prizes!

  • Aid station at start/finish

  • Post ride bonfire with your new and old friends


Back Up Date

If it looks like the weather will not cooperate for February 10, the event will be moved to February 17. If we have to make this change there will be NO REFUNDS, so please plan accordingly.


The event will happen on February 17! The weather coming up to Feb 10 looks awful :(

We will do everything we can to make the 10th happen, but we have learned that winter weather in southern Ontario is unpredictable. (In limited situations we may be able to transfer your entry to another 2024 substance projects event.)

Reasons we foresee causing a delay include, but are not limited to (you never know these days!): 

  • Heavy rain

  • High temperature causing unstable/unridable snow conditions

  • State of Emergency declared by government

  • Road to MOC closed by order of police due to unsafe travel conditions

  • Zombie apocalypse 

  • Sharknado warning

  • Alien invasion (unless they are friendly and want to volunteer)


There will be lots of signs on course. Our arrows are orange UCI-shaped arrows on a white background. We also have an X for when you miss a turn.


We will also be using race tape around the course as needed.

What bike can I ride?

A fat bike with minimum 3.8-inch tires. 

And, no, you cannot use a ski bike. Lifetime ban if you show up with one.

(You also must wear a helmet. You were probably going to anyway. But just in case, there it is.)

Substance Projects' Weather Guarantee

Weather is always challenging and can completely change a race. So we developed the Substance Projects 100% Weather Guarantee: We guarantee that 100% of the course will have weather.


If any section doesn’t have weather we will refund you that percentage of your entry fee upon proof there was no weather.

Whining Policy

We have a strict "No Whining" policy. If it was all easy and downhill then it wouldn’t feel like you accomplished anything!

Inclusive Race

These are races for everyone! In the spirit of equity and inclusion we celebrate difference and especially encourage those who have historically been excluded from sport.


See our Inclusion Statement on our About Us page.

Cancellation / Refunds

For 2024 there will be NO REFUNDS for those who can’t make it on race day or for cancellation of the event for any reason.


If the event cannot proceed, registrants will have their entry carried over to the re-scheduled date or have credit for another Substance Projects Event.

Registration Form


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