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XCOntario #1 - Mono

Sunday, June 11, 2023 - Mono, Ontario

A fun, punchy course at a private horse farm. Lots of technical features -- achievable for beginners and fun for experienced riders.


Youth Comp. & Adults: approx. 4.5 to 5 km per lap

Youth Age-Group: approx. 3 km per lap

See categories here

XCO 1 Course map 2023.png



Course pre-ride & Coaching lesson


Youth Aged-Group Male & Female races start  (7-9y, 10-12y, 13-18y)


Youth Competitive Male & Female (A & B) & Adult Competitive Male & Female races start


Adult Aged-Group Male races start (19-29y, 30-39y, 40-49y, 50-59y, 60+y)


Adult Sportif Male race starts


Adult Aged-Group Female races start (19-29y, 30-39y, 40-49y, 50-59y, 60+y)


Adult Sportif Female race start

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Need help figuring out what category to pick?

Check out our "Categories explained" page

Sportif categories

Male - Open

2 laps

Female - Open

1 lap

Age-Group categories

Male - 7-9y

2 laps

Male - 10-12y

2 laps

Male - 13-18y

3 laps

Female - 7-9y

2 laps

Female - 10-12y

2 laps

Female - 13-18y

3 laps


Male - 19-29y

3 laps

Male - 30-39y

3 laps

Male - 40-49y

3 laps

Male - 50-59y

3 laps

Male - 60+y

3 laps

Female - 19-29y

2 laps

Female - 30-39y

2 laps

Female - 40-49y

2 laps

Female - 50-59y

2 laps

Female - 60+y

2 laps

Competitive categories

Comp B Male - under 16y

2 laps

Comp A Male - under 19y

3 laps

Comp B Female - under 16y

2 laps

Comp A Female - under 19y

3 laps


Male - Open (19+y)

4 laps

Male - 40+y

4 laps

Female - Open (19+y)

3 laps

Female - 40+y

3 laps

Non-binary category

Non-binary - Open (all ages)

Laps TBD by event

What bike can I ride?

Any mountain bike that is trail worthy and safe!


We've even had some people have a great day riding a gravel bike or fat bike. (Just keep in mind that with a gravel bike, you may feel the bumps at bit more.)

Substance Projects' Weather Guarantee

Weather is always challenging and can completely change a race. So we developed the Substance Projects 100% Weather Guarantee: We guarantee that 100% of the course will have weather.


If any section doesn’t have weather we will refund you that percentage of your entry fee upon proof there was no weather.

Inclusive Race

These are races for everyone! In the spirit of equity and inclusion we celebrate difference and especially encourage those who have historically been excluded from sport.


See our Inclusion Statement on our About Us page.

Cancellation / Refunds

For 2023 there will be NO REFUNDS for those who can’t make it on race day or for cancellation of the event for any reason.


If the event cannot proceed, registrants will have their entry carried over to the re-scheduled date or have credit for another Substance Projects Event.

Registration Form


9am Start
10am Start
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