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XCO Categories Explained

Need some help deciding on what category to join?

Don't worry, we got you. Read on.

Main Categories


This is one of those terms that's used a lot in cycling and that no one defines. We're using it for our slightly more low-key category.

Your friends keep telling you that you need to try a race? Dip your toe into the warm waters of mountain bike racing in Sportif!


Okay, we just stole this one from triathlon.


Basically, you race against other people roughly the same age as you and have a great time. 


Do you have a power meter? A training plan? Do you want to go for the whole shot on the first corner and see if you can hold it for the rest of the race?


If you answered "yes" to at least two of these questions, this is the category for you.

Youth Comp A & B

A and B are the two streams within our Youth Competitive category. They are self-identifying and ability-based. And, although there are age maximums, anyone under the max age can choose to race in either A or B.

Comp A
  • Maximum age: 18

  • Competitive

  • In training

  • Pushing to be the best

  • Want to test yourself in the big pond

Comp B
  • Maximum age: 15

  • Competitive

  • In training

  • Starting your racing journey

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