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What is XCOntario?

We may race for a variety of reasons. But at the heart is the sheer pleasure and thrill of riding.


The focus of XCOntario is offering welcoming and inclusive racing, where everyone can feel like they belong. All on some of the most scenic trails in southern Ontario.

All levels wanted

Our courses are designed so any rider of any level can successfully conquer them, but superior technique is the key to fast lap times.


This means experienced competitive riders will get to hone their skills. And less experienced or new riders will get to enjoy a well-designed course that will be both challenging and fun.

Mountain bike riding

All together now!

XCOntario events are intended to let your whole family or friend group enjoy outdoor fun and adventure together.

We've built our schedule to get you out of the house, give you a great time on the trails, and have you back home before dinner time.

Safe space

We are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all, and particularly for folks from groups who are currently underrepresented in our sport and who may face barriers to participation on the basis of gender, sexuality, race or ethnic identity.


Among the steps that we have taken: offering a non-binary category, and scheduling the Sportif and Age-Group women's races to have their own time on course. 

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